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As announced at the launch of Blockchain Connected during the inaugural Wales Tech Week, our mission is to promote, expand, nurture and unite the talent that already exists in Wales in relation to blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. This collaborative community will help to ensure that blockchain expertise is a key feature of the Welsh economy as we go forward.

The blockchain revolution will not be an isolated phenomena that occurs in a vacuum. It will impact and change many sectors, professions and industries. It will permanently alter the way that we conduct business, use technology and data, enact transactions and enforce agreements. As a result, the legal and financial sectors have been highlighted as ripe candidates for disruption as a result of blockchain-based technologies.

This event draws together experts from the Welsh blockchain and cryptocurrency community to explore various aspects relating to the impact, applications, opportunities and challenges arising from this technology in respect of the legal and financial sectors.

Our panellists will give their insights and experiences in respect of key and current topics, with a bias towards start-ups, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Cerian will be asking questions about: starting and growing blockchain/crypto organisations; how legal and financial services providers feed into that and the level of technical expertise they require to support such entities; issues surrounding investment in this tech; and whether they agree with the phrase "code is law" as often heard in relation to blockchain-related technologies.

Join Dr Cerian Jones, Patent Attorney at Cerian Jones IP along with an exciting panel of speakers to explore the legal and financial opportunities and challenges that have arisen from the Blockchain Revolution.

Members of Blockchain Connected council are unpaid and do not receive financial reward for activities conducted on behalf of Blockchain Connected.  We welcome sponsorship from all organisations that are interested in supporting our efforts for the advancement of blockchain related technology in Wales.  Blockchain Connected does not hold an official view or persuasion relating to one blockchain protocol or cryptocurrency versus another and as an organisation we are agnostic to such matters.  We encourage and actively seek constructive input, participation and discussion from all parties, regardless of their perspectives on issues of debate within the blockchain/cryptocurrency community.  Unfounded, divisive or defamatory comments are not acceptable and will not be tolerated, but we hope that people will join us in the spirit of unity, progress and collaboration that motivates our efforts.