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Join the launch of Blockchain Connected, the new dedicated network for the blockchain community in Wales.

Blockchain Connected is a new organisation within Technology Connected to represent and unite the blockchain community in Wales, to help build and promote the profile and adoption of blockchain technologies and organisations in Wales and beyond.

This event will see the launch of Blockchain Connected as well as giving attendees an opportunity to learn more about the exciting world of this disruptive technology, including how blockchain technology can revolutionise our personal and professional lives.

With the launch of Blockchain Connected, we're looking to harness the talent of that exists within Wales to create a collaborative community that will help ensure Wales places blockchain as key part of the future of our economy.

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise our technology industries and daily lives. We invite you to join us as we launch Blockchain Connected to help ensure Wales' commitment to this revolutionary technology and build our inclusive community.

What is Blockchain and what does it mean for me?

When most people think of Blockchain, their first thought is Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, particularly the cryptocurrency boom of 2018. However, Blockchain is more than just digital currency.

In its most simple explanation, Blockchain is centred around a distributed ledger principle. Basically, this means storing and processing sensitive information, such as financial transactions – on lots of different computers, rather than just in one place.

This means no one person or organisation controls this information making it less likely to be subject to manipulation or hacks.

It also means that when information is transferred, the details of each transfer are recorded in a data structure (a blockchain) in such a way that they cannot be changed and so a permanent, timestamped record is established of every transfer ever made using that blockchain, creating a more secure, transparent system.

At the moment, Blockchain has been most prevalent in finance, with cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, becoming household names. However, the possibilities for blockchain applications are endless, and extend way beyond just cryptocurrencies.

Join us for the launch of Blockchain Connected and meet the team behind it as part of Wales Tech Week this July.