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John Giwa-Amu (Good Gate Media)

John Giwa-Amu

Good Gate Media

John runs Good Gate Media, a game development company based in Cardiff.

Good Gate’s mission is to create interactive story games which allow the player to be the hero in their own movie. They specialise in live action, interactive games where audiences can be heroes of stories they help create. The films are commercially driven, featuring internationally acclaimed on-screen talent, reaching global markets on platforms like Xbox, Steam, PlayStation, Nintendo, Android and iOS.

Viki Johnson (Unity AR Develope at Fictioneers Limited)

Viki Johnson

Unity AR Develope at Fictioneers Limited

Viki is helping to deliver The Big Fix Up: a brand new augmented storytelling experience created by Fictioneers and Aardman launching this Autumn, featuring British national treasures, Wallace & Gromit. Viki will discuss the impact of the pandemic, the move to a fully at-home experience, and the benefits of working agile in an ever-changing world.

Derick Murdoch (Creative Director of Galactig LLP)

Derick Murdoch

Creative Director of Galactig LLP

Derick is an expert in User Experience and User Interface design with a real attention to detail and the ability to create intuitive designs across all media with a sharp technical insight. After working in the commercial sector as a senior designer and creative producer, in 2011 he established Galactig, a highly successful and widely known bilingual digital agency which has delivered a variety of large-scale digital experiences.