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James Harvey (Head of Academy at DevOpsGroup)

James Harvey

Head of Academy at DevOpsGroup

A certified Agile and DevOps trainer, James started off his professional career as a junior web developer, before realising that his strengths were most certainly elsewhere!

An organiser of the South Wales Agile Group; James combines passionate knowledge of software development with industry-leading insights into practical applications of Agile and DevOps principles. A regular industry speaker at meetups and conferences, James’ favourite topic to cover is around how Agile implementations need to look beyond Scrum.

Since DevOpsGroup’s acquisition of Agile Snap, in 2018, James has been building up a portfolio of Academy training offerings including the creation of the BCS; British Computer Society accredited Foundation Certificate in DevOps course. He is always looking at creative ways to make learning as engaging and focused as it possibly can be.

When he’s not sat at his desk or running a training session, James can normally be found at a racing circuit in the UK, participating in a C1 Racing Club endurance race at club motorsport level. He also spends some time attempting to impart some Agile and DevOps wisdom onto his 5 year old daughter (and wife).

Sean Robinson (Lead Agile Coach at DevOpsGroup)

Sean Robinson

Lead Agile Coach at DevOpsGroup

Sean’s career journey started when he was headhunted out of University to be the lead engineer for a local startup. As they saw successes, he took on the CTO role within the fledgeling company. It was during this phase that he began researching product delivery and leadership.

He attended a number of different training events, none of which quite seemed to solve the problems he was facing in the right way. Then he came to Scrum, which kicked off his Agile journey.

Sean has since been a developer, tester, Scrum Master, Product Owner, director, and now coach.

He has a passion for systems thinking, queuing theory, theory of constraints, lean leadership and modern motivational theory; plus anything else that tells me why we do what we do.

He loves developing process and strategy, but nowhere near as much as he likes working with people to help them develop themselves. As a trained Coach, his primary passion will always be for helping people.