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The Sir Michael Moritz Tech Start-up Award

This category celebrates incredible, new, forward-thinking companies in Wales that are creating and developing cutting-edge technologies.

To be eligible, the tech start-up must embody agility, innovation and resilience. They must also be offering a new approach on existing technology,

or innovating new products or services. The winner of this category will have identified what it takes to succeed in today's competitive market.

Entries must have been founded a maximum of three years before the date of the awards. 

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Best International Impact Award

For this Award, we are looking for a Welsh tech company that has proven achievements and growth outside of the UK.

We want to hear the success stories of businesses that have launched innovative services or products in a new country, employed new team members across the globe or have won contracts or clients internationally, resulting in increased company turnover or employee numbers.

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Best Tech Leader Award

A 2022 Best Tech Leader will have a clear passion for the tech industry, personify innovation and be an inspirational role model in a changing world.

This Award celebrates leaders who go above and beyond to empower their team, encourage performance and who have played a key part in the company's success and growth to date.

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Rising Star of the Year Award

For this category we are looking for an employee that has the greatest potential to become a tech leader of the future, and who has already demonstrated impressive progress in their career. From successful, innovative projects and being a part of company achievements, the Rising Star of the Year will already have put their mark on the tech industry. Entries could be apprentices, new graduates, women returners or people who have changed careers.

Entries must have worked within the tech industry for less than three years before the date of the awards.

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Best Tech Place to Work Award

This category identifies and celebrates the companies doing the best for their employees. Through training, development and innovative working practices, they will bae taking the relevant steps to helping their staff thrive. The winning company will be determined to build and sustain an inclusive environment from the top down, inspire performance and actively promote diversity, learning and technical creativity.

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Tech for the Planet Award

We are looking for businesses that provide products or services that positively impact the planet, for example reaching net zero targets.

Entries will explore and showcase how technology can play a major and essential role in the global climate effort. This positive impact could have been created either directly or indirectly, for example by helping another organisation achieve its objectives.

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Tech for Good Award

This Award honours those individuals and organisations creating technology to improve the lives of others in society. The winner will be celebrated for their outstanding efforts to give back and lift people when they need it most, having harnessed the power of technology to organise solutions, improve quality of life or help communities adapt to challenges and a changing world.

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Tech for Healthcare and Well-being Award

Tech solutions are consistently contributing to overburdened health boards and aging populations. From boosting life expectancy, curing and treating diseases, and tracking our health, technology today plays a huge part in improving the outcome for patients.This category awards pioneering companies or individuals using technology to make a real impact, no matter how large or small, to the well-being of patients and healthcare.

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Academia and Business Partnership of the Year Award

For this Award we are looking to recognise tech companies that have partnered with Universities to create outstanding examples of teamwork in promoting research and innovation, developing new, ground-breaking services or products. The partnership outcomes will have benefited students, the institution and the company alike.

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Digital Transformation of the Year Award

The Digital Transformation Award focuses on creative-thinking and technical excellence in producing an outstanding product or service that

has the potential to transform an industry or way of life. All entries will need to demonstrate how technology has been used to overcome a problem and how it has, or can, result in a positive solution such as new opportunities, improved internal processes and or cost benefits.

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Best Blockchain Application Award

This Award celebrates the providers of blockchain technology and services. Entries will describe how an initiative or project (even if in pilot stage) has successfully transformed the way a client runs their transaction process and has improved their speed, productivity, precision, security or cost-effectiveness.

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Best Photonics Application Award

Photonics technology plays a crucial role in technology advancement, from data optical communications to imaging and display,

life sciences and security. The Best Photonics Application Award recognises new and exciting developments, exponential growth, and rich technical

innovations across photonics and photonics-enabled industries.

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