The Best Blockchain Application Award is a tribute to the innovators in blockchain technology and services. This prestigious recognition is given to those who have successfully harnessed the transformative potential of blockchain.

Entries should vividly illustrate how an initiative or project, even if it's in the pilot stage, has revolutionised the way a client conducts their transaction processes. It should showcase marked improvements in speed, productivity, precision, security, or cost-effectiveness. This award is dedicated to those who are redefining the future of transactions and security through blockchain innovation.

Award entries are now closed

What is the criteria?

  • This award is open to blockchain technology companies in Wales.

What that judges are looking for

  • Overview of your company, the project and technology and its purpose.
  • Details of the target audience and the strategy involved.
  • How the use of the technology has improved delivery of a service or product being offered.
  • How there were improvements in outcomes for customers and users.