This category honours businesses that are at the forefront of providing products or services that make a positive impact on our planet, such as contributions to achieving net-zero targets.

Entries will delve into and spotlight how technology serves as a pivotal and indispensable force in the global climate initiative. This positive influence could have been generated either through direct actions or indirectly, by aiding other organisations in attaining their sustainability goals. This award celebrates those who are driving change and sustainability through innovative technology solutions, recognising them as sustainable technology champions.

Award entries are now closed

What is the criteria?

  • This award is open to all technology companies in Wales.

What the judges are looking for

  • How the technology was created and developed, and the scale of the challenge being tackled. 
  • The impact the provided products or services have had on the environment.
  • The degree to which the technology has helped to date and an estimation of its potential success in the future.
  • The technology/company goals and ethos as well as its sustainability, scalability, availability and originality.