In an era where technology continuously transforms healthcare, from enhancing life expectancy to diagnosing and treating diseases, as well as monitoring our well-being, it is clear that technology has become an invaluable asset in improving patient outcomes.

This category celebrates the innovative companies or individuals who are harnessing technology to make a tangible impact, regardless of the scale, on the well-being of patients and the broader healthcare landscape. This award celebrates those who are revolutionising the field of health technology.

Award entries are now closed

What is the criteria?

  • This award is open to all technology companies in Wales.

What the judges are looking for

  • A breakdown of the technology and the unique health need/gap that the solution addresses.
  • Beneficial impact of the pioneering technology on the healthcare industry.
  • Innovative use of technology to aid the health or well-being of others.
  • Scalability and future market potential of the product/service.