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This category is all about honouring the remarkable, innovative companies right here in Wales that are at the forefront of creating and advancing cutting-edge technologies.

To qualify, the tech start-ups must exemplify traits such as agility, innovation, and resilience. They should not only offer fresh perspectives on existing technology but also be trailblazers in introducing new products or services. The champion of this category will have cracked the code to thrive in today's fiercely competitive market.

Entries must have been founded a maximum of three years before the date of the awards. 

Award entries are now closed

What is the criteria?

  • The tech start-up must embody agility, innovation and resilience.
  • They must be offering a new approach on existing technology, or innovating new products or services.
  • Any company within the technology sector in Wales whose business started after 1 January 2021.

What the judges are looking for

  • How the business recognised and acted upon a new market opportunity.
  • How the business has grown as a business since its inception.
  • How the business applied innovative thinking in its management and planning approach.
  • The potential of the business to grow in the future.