We are in search of the best Tech Leader in 2024, someone whose profound dedication to the tech industry is unmistakable. This individual embodies innovation, serves as an inspiring role model in a rapidly evolving world, and stands as a true luminary in the tech field.

This award is a tribute to leaders who surpass conventional boundaries, leaders who are committed to empowering their teams, fostering peak performance, and playing a pivotal role in the continued success and growth of their organisations. This award celebrates those who redefine what it means to lead in the dynamic landscape of technology.

Award entries are now closed

.What is the criteria?

  • Nominees must work in a technology company based in Wales.
  • They must have worked in a role where they can evidence the leadership shown.

All individuals nominated must be informed and consent to their nomination.

What the judges are looking for

  • Peer and customer testimonials.
  • Outstanding performance and commitment to the company and its staff.
  • Evidence of participation in the wider professional community.
  • Evidence of using their skills and talent to inspire others.